Marketing and Publishing

This is where our company motto, “It takes a village to make a book,” really comes into play. Publishing is hard; almost 350,000 new books were published in 2011, and striking out into this chaos can be tough going by yourself. We’ll stick with you for as long as you need.


There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing plan for any book, no matter what you may have heard to the contrary. Just as the editing and design process is unique to your vision, finding the best way to connect you with your audience is unique to your book. An effective marketing campaign doesn’t need thousands of dollars, a global book tour, or a Super Bowl ad; it just needs thoughtful planning and outreach to the right partners, and a dab of precision-timed execution. Whether it’s a wildly creative social media plan, a peek under the hood at your audience outreach data, or a soup-to-nuts old school ad campaign, we’ll not only walk you through it, we’ll do it for you.


When you self-publish a book you’re creating a new business and, like all new businesses, you might need some advice. This can range from something as small as how to set up a blog to something as huge as how to warehouse and distribute your print run. We’ve worked at the big houses and the little houses, and we’ve written, edited, marketed, and sold books and magazines for both through just about every distribution channel. It doesn’t matter which stage of the business you’re at; we’ll steer you true.


In some cases, striking out on your own isn’t as appealing as sending your work to a publisher who can handle all the gross business details on your behalf. But a literary submission is the end of a process, not the beginning; an unpolished pitch can kill a submission before it even lands on an editor’s desk, and getting it there has its own pitfalls, as well. We’ll give your pitch everything that will make an editor jump out of her chair with excitement, and in some cases, we can even handle the pitching itself as your agent. If you’re less in the market for publishing a book and more interested in licensing out your IP, we can handle that, too.