Comics Production

Cartoonists and comics writers know a lot. They know all about pacing and sequential storytelling and dramatic staging. But not everyone knows how to push a fantastic comic through the final step: production. We don’t think there’s any need to take the world’s next most beloved graphic novel and rush it through some wonky lettering, layout, and file delivery. At Letter Better, we take an extraordinary amount of pride in our comics production work, so much so that our company name derives from this one tiny part of our trade.


Our lettering is actually page design. Professional lettering helps readers follow your story without knowing they’re being helped. It should sink in to the art so they barely notice they’re reading words at all. We’ve seen tacked-on, rushed lettering and we don’t like it; it distracts readers and ruins the aesthetic of your page. Comics is an organic combination of words and pictures, not a collision. Whether you’re a seasoned cartoonist with no time to letter this one yourself or a writer working on your first comic we’ll make sure it looks exactly as you expected. And if you need your book hand-lettered, we do that, too.


Comics production has idiosyncrasies that are very different from prose books. If you’ve ever self-published a comic then you know exactly what we mean; shifting balloons, pixelated images, fuzzy blacks and overly sharp midtones — ugh! Thankfully, we’ve screwed up so often over the years on our own that we now have everything we need to make your comic perfect. Or maybe we’re just the type of people who agonize over fractional stroke weights to the vast detriment of our social lives. Either way, you win!